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Who We Serve

PCS is proud to support our clients across unique industries including agriculture, home based services, education, and professional coaching. 

We welcome the diversity and challenge each new client brings, and would love to hear about what makes your business unique.

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Do you know what cost types are dragging on your practices financials?

Healthcare Professionals and Medical Groups

PCS can help you monitor expenses, improve revenue collections, and align your practice management objectives and long-term goals. Tax planning is also a vital component of our business consulting, and you can expect strategies to benefit the practice owners and minimize the tax burden throughout the lifetime of the practice.

  • Practice start-up, purchase, or sale assistance

  • Cash flow analysis for practice expansion

  • Budgeting for multiple office locations

  • Industry Benchmarking Comparison

  • Facilitation of the financial transition that occurs when buying or selling a practice

  • Monthly accounting and payroll services 

  • Tax planning and return preparation

Real Estate Professionals and Developers

Real Estate Professionals have the greatest flexibility when it comes to implementing incredible tax strategies. Whether you are a broker, realtor, or investment property owner, PCS can help: 

  • Determine optimal entity type

  • Business reviews to determine tax saving strategies

  • Development of ancillary businesses

  • Investment property purchases

  • Property disposition and deferred taxes for liquidity events

  • Monthly accounting and payroll services

Private Property

Do you feel like the government made more than you did last year?


Do you know the small changes that spur big revenue?

Car Wash Owners & Operators

Imagine having a CPA that also owns a car wash? Dream no more! We understand the unique operating model of carwashes and can help you: 

  • Determine optimal entity type

  • Cash flow analysis and service expansion

  • Major equipment purchases

  • Establishment of funded depreciation

  • Preparation of the business for sale or sublease

  • Internal controls to help monitor cash collection

  • Monthly accounting and payroll services 

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