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Tax Planning, its a Puzzle!

When you hire a friend's aunt's second cousin to prepare your taxes, you are giving them all of your PAST data. They enter it on an endless number of forms, have you sign, and you go about your Spring happy you got a few hundred dollars back.

This is all wrong!


Not that your tax preparer isn't preparing an accurate tax return on time, but do they (and you) really understand what the numbers on the forms mean to best benefit you? Most tax prepares and accountants are engaged in the "race to the bottom", simply working toward getting the most returns done in a 3 month span, resulting in low-cost-low-value work where they cannot afford to thoroughly review your individual situation and give you any meaningful action to reduce next years tax burden because they need volume.

You need a CPA that analyzes your info and proactively creates a plan, for you!

If you are a successful business owner (or even if your business is just starting to gain traction), and you'd rather pay only your fair share and keep more money in your pocket, tax strategy is for you. In order to realize the full return on investment for developing your personal tax plan, you must be prepared to work with PCS on a regular basis. A tax plan will not be prepared for individuals that want to take it and try to implement on their own simply because the chances of not checking all of the required boxes for each strategy are too high, and you will miss out on the savings, both in terms of the cost you incurred for the plan and the additional taxes you risk incurring.

The time to implement a plan is now, not next January.
Unlock your savings, schedule an intro call! 

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Tax Planning Packages are priced based upon the value to you and your unique financial and personal circumstances

Remember, we generally will not move forward with creating a tax plan if we do not feel certain you will save more in taxes in your first year than the fee for our services.

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