Annual Tax Preparation

All new clients will need to create an account. Accounts are secure, and allow us to easily share documents, exchange messages, and pay open invoices. Your completed tax return and supporting documents will also be available 24/7. Account set up takes a few minutes, and can be done from the comfort of your couch or while on the go. How cool is that! 

Tax season shouldn't be painful. Plan now and enjoy your Spring.

All client tax returns are prepared by a licensed CPA, no exception. We will never "outsource" your returns. 

Why trust PCS to prepare prepare your tax returns:

  1. Stability - It takes considerable effort and years of education and testing, we aren't closing our business and changing careers.

  2. Record Retention - Tax records are maintained year over year in your account. Do you want to dig up a 1099 from 2 years ago for an audit?

  3. Time - DIY tax software works, but do you really want to kill a Saturday manually entering hundreds of data points with little confidence to know if you are doing it correctly, let alone overpaying your taxes? Don't forget, these DIY software's aren't always as "free" as they say, just wait until you try to file.

  4. Accuracy - CPA's generally hold a masters degree (we do!) and at least 2,000 hours of experience, reflecting years of practice. You can trust your return is prepared right the first time, and will stand up to an audit should it ever happen. 

  5. Effort - You do not need to leave your home to have your taxes prepared. Upload your documents from home with a cell phone or computer. When your return is prepared, you receive a secure video walkthrough that you can watch on your time. We'll still talk to answer any questions, and once satisfied you will sign electronically and your return will be filed electronically. All from your home!


2022 Tax Year fee schedule to be released 12/2. Please reach out for details.

2021 Fee Schedule

Breaking the industry trend by providing transparent, upfront pricing

Prices quoted below include

  1. Simple Personal 1040 ($425) - Includes W-2s for up to two individuals, up to (7) seven 1099s (MISC, B, INT, etc.), Schedule A, and one State tax return. 

  2. Self-Employed/Rental Personal 1040 ($605) - Preparation of Schedule A & (1) one Schedule C, unlimited 1099s, and one State return. (An additional $180 fee applies for each additional Schedule C/E required)

  3. Partnership 1065 (start at $950) - Preparation of 1065 and issuance of K-1s and supporting schedules. Every corporation has its own unique filing requirements, please call for an estimate.

  4. C/S Corporation (start at $950) - Preparation of 1120/S and issuance of K-1s and supporting schedules. Every corporation has its own unique filing requirements, please call for an estimate. 

  5. Estates (start at $750) - Every estate is uniquely complex and has its own filing requirements, please call for a no-obligation estimate. 

All prices above include (1) one State filing. Additional State return filings are $150 each.

What causes prices to rise above the base? Businesses that have complex tax credits or transactions that have occurred during the year. Returns with crypto transactions, investment wash sales, and home sales are custom quoted, please send an email.

We do our best to stand by the stated estimates above. The best way to confirm the cost of your tax preparation is to get in touch. A $200 deposit of the quoted price is due upon signing of the engagement agreement, and will be applied to the final balance.

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Tax Planning keeps money in your pocket, not the governments

Tax planning is critical for small business owners to accurately estimate, plan, and minimize their personal and business tax liabilities. Tax planning clients always have their personal return prepared free of charge.